Six Year Capital Facilities Plan

The State Growth Management Act requires that cities establish within their comprehensive plan, a capital facilities element, including the level of service standards and six-year minimum financing plan “that will finance . . .capital facilities within projected funding capacities and clearly identifies sources of public money for such purposes” (RCW 36.70A.070[3][d]).

The City prepares the 6-year Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) every year to coincide with the adoption of the budget. Beginning in April and continuing into September, staff discuss formulate the CFP based on City's Comprehensive Plan listed projects and needs of the city, as well as staff capacity to accomplish the proposed workload. The CFP is also vetted with the Finance Department to ensure that the proposed projects and their estimated costs are fundable through existing and projected revenues, grant opportunities and potential bond measures. During the summer the proposed CFP is presented to committees and commissions, and in the fall to Council where the it will be adopted by resolution.

The draft 2023-2029 CFP can be found by clicking the following link:

2023-2029 CFP