Imagine Monroe Visioning Project

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A new vision for Monroe

The City updated its vision statement (approved by Council December 14, 2021) to better reflect the current needs and priorities of our community. Monroe is growing, with new businesses opening and more people moving to the area. And COVID-19 presented new challenges that are not yet fully understood. Thus, we need a fresh vision to guide our work.

Imagine Monroe

A lively center surrounded by nature. A place of beauty and goodwill. 

Our parks, waterways, and environment are healthy and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Our historic downtown and business districts are thriving and full of locally owned businesses and locally sourced products. 

We can find everything we need with regional connections and a with variety of choices for work, housing, dining, shopping, arts, and activities. 

Friendly and responsive, we strengthen connections through gathering spaces, events, services, and community-centered infrastructure – creating a safe place for all. 

In Monroe, everyone feels at home and everyone feels they belong.

Thank you for your input!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our interviews, focus groups, and our survey. Over the last year, we have collected input from more than 1,300 community members! This has helped us better understand your current and future priorities, which will inform planning, policymaking, budgeting, and programing for the future.   

Check out the survey results here! 

In collaboration with our Imagine Monroe Sounding Board, we drafted a new vision statement that reflects the community input we received.

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Who is leading this work?

The development of the Imagine Monroe vision statement by Mayor Geoffrey Thomas and City staff with the support of the City Council and EnviroIssues, a Seattle-based public involvement firm. Work will continue into 2022 to develop a mission statement and core values, which will be informed by the Imagine Monroe vision statement.

To ensure the development of the Imagine Monroe vision statement equitably reflected all voices in Monroe, the City also formed an Imagine Monroe Sounding Board, comprised of community representatives with a variety of lived experiences. Our members included:

Aisha Sial
Michael Bumpus
Allan Dye
Pastor Michael Hanford
Brandi Blair
Nathan Duong
Cindy Chessie
Paul Saunders
Darryl Jacobsen
Peter Maxson
Drew James
Renee Uribe-Sayah
Janelle Drews
Roger Evans
Joan Brown
Tami Kinney
Dr. Justin Blasko
Yesica Carmel
JulieAnn Ah
Yvonne Thompson-Wynn

The role of the Sounding Board was to guide the Imagine Monroe visioning process by:

  • Providing input on the City’s communications plan and outreach materials.
  • Reflecting the interests and needs of Monroe’s diverse community networks to ensure broad participation in the process to update the City’s vision, mission, and core values. 
  • Reviewing findings from the visioning process and recommending a draft vision, mission, and set of core values before these documents are finalized by Mayor Thomas and the City Council.

What we have accomplished

In early 2021, we conducted focus groups, one-on-one interviews and held two Sounding Board meetings to learn more about their lived experiences and explore how we can engage all who live, work and play in Monroe. Plus, from June 16 – July 12, 2021, we collected input from more than 1,300 community members through our online and paper surveys. The final recommended vision statement was presented to and approved by City Council on December 14, 2021. 

Assessment Phase Summary
This summary shares findings from the first Sounding Board meeting, English- and Spanish-speaking focus groups and one-on-one interviews with community partners working in City government, key community programs and healthcare.

Communications and Outreach Plan
This plan outlines the outreach and communications strategies the City, along with their outreach and engagement consultant, EnviroIssues, and the Imagine Monroe Sounding Board will use to reach and engage with the Monroe community.

Sounding Board Charter
The Charter establishes the roles, ground rules and goals for the Sounding Board.

Community-Wide Survey
This report includes input from more than 1,300 Monroe community members collected in June and July of 2021.

How long did it take to finish the visioning process?

The timeline to develop a new vision is broken into four phases: assessment, planning, engagement, and evaluation. This work began in fall 2020 and was completed in fall 2021.

Why update Monroe's vision, mission, and core values now?

As mentioned above, Monroe has experienced increasing growth with new local businesses opening and more people moving into the area over the past several years. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented Monroe with new challenges that are not yet fully understood. And while the City’s current vision statement is included in our 20-year Comprehensive Plan, it doesn’t provide guidance on how the City should invest for the future. 

By collaborating with the community to develop a new vision statement, the Imagine Monroe visioning project aims to:

  • Help the City of Monroe articulate what it wants to be in the future, and how the City can position itself to achieve its future potential while still retaining its unique qualities.
  • Encourage engagement and spark the interest and excitement of residents, business owners, partners, visitors, City leaders, and staff in the future potential of the City.
  • Generate new ideas and discussion about the built environment, sustainability, sense of place, and the City’s overall identity.
  • Foster a sense of cohesion around the City's strategic direction.
  • Transform the conceptual goals of the visioning process into realistic, achievable targets.
  • Support periodic review and adjustment to reflect progress towards goals.

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