Emergency Management

Disaster Preparedness

The Monroe Emergency Management Office is charged with increasing the disaster-resistance of the City of Monroe. This is done by developing and maintaining a comprehensive emergency management program for the protection of human life, property, the environment, and the city’s economy. The Monroe Emergency Management Office works closely with the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management to fulfill its responsibilities.

Emergency management is a system that through organized analysis, planning, decision making, and assigning of resources helps prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of all the hazards in our region.


Emergency management programs include four functional divisions: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Mitigation Function

The mitigation function includes programs and activities designed to reduce or eliminate the effects of future disasters upon people and property.

Preparedness Function

The preparedness function includes activities that encourage a state of readiness in governments, public organizations, businesses, families, and individuals and that enhance the capability to survive a disaster and to ensure the continuity of government.

Response Function

The response function primarily includes dissemination of warning and emergency information; coordination for the overall response through the Community Coordination Center; management of emergency resources; and liaison with state and federal government.

The Monroe Emergency Management Office is responsible for the coordination of all major disasters and emergencies that may occur within the City of Monroe. This includes winter storms, floods, earthquake, major fires, hazmat spills / leaks, and terrorism-related incidents.

Recovery Function

The recovery function primarily includes collecting and reporting damage assessment information relating to both government and private property; assisting the establishment of Disaster Application Centers that provide local, state, and federal disaster relief programs to citizens; and coordination of the disaster relief activities of community level human services agencies and organizations through the Snohomish County Disaster Assistance Council.

Earthquake Drill

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