Virtual Hearing Information

Remote video appearances via Zoom are scheduled as follows until further notice:

Every Wednesday at 8:45 AM for pretrial calendar, every Friday at 10:00 AM for Community Court and 11:00 AM for the Virtual Resource Center                                         Meeting ID 816 8978 9409 no password needed-must be scheduled with court prior to appearance date.

Or as special set by Judge Ness.

If you would like your hearing to be held remotely instead of in person you must contact your attorney or the court by Monday noon of the week your case is scheduled to be heard.

If you are scheduled for a remote video appearance:


LOG IN: From your electronic device you may install the Zoom application or log in through your web browser at Enter the Meeting ID from your notice of hearing at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time to test your connection and make yourself available to speak to your attorney. If you only have a telephone you can still dial into the hearing by calling 1-253-215-8782 using the same Meeting ID . The parties can hear you but not see you at the hearing and you can hear those participating.

1. APPEAR: You will be muted until your case is called or until your attorney needs to speak with you. Your hearing will proceed as if you were in the courtroom.

2. LEAVE: You are required to remain on Zoom until your case is called, completed and you are excused. If you leave Zoom before your case is resolved, you will be considered a failure to appear and a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest.

If you are unable to attend this hearing utilizing Zoom, please contact the Court Clerk’s office at 360 863-4548 or contact your attorney for assistance.

Prior to your court appearance we highly recommend you download Zoom to your mobile device or PC you intend to use for your court appearance and verify your microphone/speakers work properly.

Additional instructions can be located here for assistance using Zoom on your mobile device or PC.