The City of Monroe is currently seeking applicants to fill the following City Board,
Commission, and Committee open positions:

4 - Ethics Board Member (two 3-year term ending 12/2023; two mid-term vacancies ending 12/2022)
4 - Salary Commission (two 3-year term ending 12/2023; two mid-term vacancies ending 12/2022)
1 - Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (per RCW 67.28.1817: membership is reviewed annually, and membership eligibility applies

  • One (1) member who represents a business required to collect lodging taxes (i.e., hotels and motels)


All open positions are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

For additional information regarding board/commission qualifications, duties, and meeting times, please contact the Human Resource Office: Email; 360-863-4523.

Civil Service Commission - assures that police officers are recruited through open competition, are hired and promoted on the basis of merit, and are demoted, suspended, or discharged for cause; oversees civil service examinations and certifies eligibility lists.

Ethics Board - investigates, conducts hearings, and renders advisory opinions concerning accusations against city officials of violations of ethics or conflicts of interest; also reviews and recommends periodic updates to the city's ethics Policy and its applicability. 

Salary Commission - review and establish the salaries of the mayor and the councilpersons and shall exercise the powers and perform the duties set forth by RCW 35.21.015; and Monroe Municipal Code 2.24.060.