Business Licenses


License Requirements

If you are conducting business within the Monroe city limits and your gross earnings exceed $2,000.00 per year, you will need to register your business with the City of Monroe. The City of Monroe and State of Washington Business Licensing Service are involved in a combined licensing one-stop system that allows you to obtain state and city licenses at the same time. You will receive a master license from the state, showing your city general business endorsement.

Required Documents

The fee for a Monroe license is $50 plus a $19 state fee - paid to the Business License service during the State application process.

Solicitors, Peddlers, and Transient Merchants

Chapter 5.08 of the Monroe Municipal Code requires solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants to register with the City of Monroe. This registration can be completed in person at City Hall, 806 West Main Street.


Business License Data (Updated 3/11/2019)

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