What about utilities?

Puget Sound Energy & Snohomish Public Utility District

•    No disconnection tariffs for nonpayment during this emergency

•    Waiving late fees for customers who are out of work

•    Offering customers payment plans

•    Expanded bill assistance programs for customers who are economically impacted by this emergency.

The governor is also suspending some restrictions on the rate-making authority of the state’s Utilities and Transportation Commission, to enable the use of ratepayer dollars to provide economic assistance to customers who are affected by COVID-19. This provides UTC authority to approve the expanded use of energy bill assistance funds to customers who are out of work, or working significantly reduced hours, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state is working to compile a larger list of local bankers, financial associations, telecoms, utilities and major employers that may be able to provide relief, such as:

•    Deferred bills, waived fees, discounts, no-interest loans and other support. 

•    Debt and late-penalty forgiveness for companies and workers in order to help keep people employed.

•    Favorable credit terms for firms that encounter cash flow problems.

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