Will my water be shut off?

The City of Monroe is taking the following steps to help our residential and business customers who might be worried about paying their bills:

  • The City will not shut off water services for the month of March.
  • The City is encouraging everyone to either pay their bills on-line or use the drop box located just outside the front door of City Hall. 
  • Over the phone credit card fees are currently being waived for utility payments. 
  • The City will work with customers who may fall behind on their utility bills to set up a payment plan (payment plans during March will not count toward the aggregate allowed per account). For further information, please call 360-794-7400. 

The following organizations are available to assist our most vulnerable utility customers:

Salvation Army 425-259-8129

Sky Valley Food Bank 360-794-7959

Take the Next Step 360-794-1022

St. Vincent DePaul 425-355-3505

Volunteers of America 425-259-3192

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