Monroe Municipal Campus Improvements

City Hall

In 2019 the Monroe City Council evaluated opportunities for relocation of the Monroe Municipal Campus within the Monroe City limits because the 1960's era City Hall building is in need of substantial repairs.  Issues such as leaking roofs, failing sewer pipes, inadequate access for those with disabilities, and aged building systems are ongoing within the existing facility.

The evaluation process resulted in a decision by the Council to fund a remodel and new addition to the existing City Hall and Municipal Court Building because cost and physical space limitations would make relocation impractical.

The Council further designated portions of real estate excise tax collections to be allocated to fund the project in combination with general obligation bonds. The project scope includes remodeling and refurbishment of approximately 9,400 square feet of existing space and 4,500 new square feet.  The project will connect the City Hall and Court buildings to the existing Police Station.     

The budget for this project is as follows:

  • Phase 1.1 Design & Bidding - $1.8 million
  • Phase 1.2 Construction & Construction Management - Estimated Range $16-20 million

Phase I Project Milestones

Description of Milestone Scheduled Completion Date
Architectural Schematic Design 6/2022
Architectural Design Development9/2022
Construction Document Creation2/2023
Bidding and Bid Award7/2023


Project Closeout   10/2024

Remodel of City Hall Justice Wing/Police Station  - Phase II

During the 2019 relocation process the Monroe Police Station building was evaluated by an architectural firm to determine if the current size, layout design, and security measures meet the needs of the Monroe Police Department and City residents.  

The results of the evaluation showed the station lacked adequate victim and witness interview and intake spaces, has undersized training space for officers and professional staff, could benefit from some security improvements, and is in need of internal layout reorganization in order to meet the needs of a modern police department.    

Phase II Project Milestones 

Description of Milestone Scheduled Completion Date
Architectural Schematic Design 7/2024


Project Closeout   4/2025

Municipal Campus Project History

The Monroe Municipal Campus improvement project began in 2008 when the initial study of the future needs of the Campus were identified by the City Council.  Several of those needs have been met by completing projects aimed at improving public access to services, reducing the environmental impact of the campus, upgrading staff security measures, eliminating emergency response barriers, and completing building acquisition and improvements to accommodate the needs of the Public Works and Parks Department staff that support the Monroe community.  The projects included:   

  • Acquisition and remodel of the public works/parks & recreation building at 769 Village Way
  • Construction of the storm water and sanitary sewer decant facility
  • Relocation of the bulk water fill station
  • Construction of two on-site fuel stations
  • Relocation and construction of the Police Department vehicle impound yard
  • Relocation and construction of the Police Department evidence room
  • Construction of the public works maintenance shop and Monroe emergency coordination center
  • Establishment of a secure Police Department parking area
  • Repaving and improving the storm water collection system on the emergency access road for first responders from Police and Fire