Rainier View Road PRV

Project description

This project will increase water system reliability be installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV) between two of the City’s pressure zones: Wagner 517 and The Farm 440. This PRV is proposed either along Rainier View Road or 199th Avenue SE, and will be determined after system analysis determines the optimal location.

  1. Kim Klinkers

    Senior Engineer
    Phone: 360-863-4531

  2. Jammi Guion

    Construction Documentation Supervisor
    Phone: 360-863-4514

Project Timeline

Phase Start End
Design January, 2020 October, 2020
Construction November, 2020 December, 2021

Project Activity

Design efforts are underway with a construction target for late this year. The water system analysis determined that the PRV location should be located on 197th Ave SE. As such, design efforts will focus on this location.

Project Location Map

Rainier PRV Location Image