Emergency Executive Orders

The is authorized to issue rules and regulations (orders) related to proclaimed emergencies per Monroe Municipal Code section 2.60.080(D)(1). Any such orders must be confirmed by the City Council at the earliest practicable time.

Date Issued
Confirmed by city Council
2020-001- Waiving Credit Card Telephone Payment Fees03/03/202004/28/2020Active
2020-002 - Suspending 20 MPH Speed Limit on Main St03/19/202004/28/2020Cancelled
2020-003 - Suspending Delinquent Account Penalty03/27/202004/28/2020Active
2020-004 - Acceptance of Service by Appointment03/31/202004/28/2020Active
2020-006 - Exemption from Mandatory Solid Waste03/30/202004/28/2020Active
2020-007 - Expenditure Limits04/14/202004/28/2020Active
2020-008 - Short plats06/26/2020N/AActive
2020-009 - Cancel 2020-00211/16/2020N/AN/A
2020-010 - Temporary Outdoor Use11/18/2020N/AActive