Kelsey/Blueberry Intersection Improvements

Project Description

This intersection is problematic and congested at times. Improving the intersection is complicated due to the immediate proximity of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and US2. The flow of traffic is sensitive to both the tracks being clear and the US2 signal phasing. The proposed project would add a northbound left turn lane beginning at North Street, which will provide a turn pocket for vehicles wanting to enter onto Blueberry Lane. The intersection improvements will also add some capacity to the left turn queue at US2. Additionally, a yelow centerline curb barrier will be constructed to prohibit left turn movements into and out of the Denny's and Rite Aid driveways accessing N. Kelsey Street. 

The City conducted an Open House on June 26th to provide information to the public. Meanwhile, the project was advertised for contractor bids, with three contractors responding to the ad. Construction will begin after Labor Day (September 3rd). The contractor (Kamins Construction) expects to be completed in mid-October.

For more information, please contact the project manager:
Jim Gardner, PE
(360) 863-4542


The new lane, curb and sidewalk are installed. Wet weather has delayed the ability to place permanent striping, but until then temporary lane line "tape" has been installed so that drivers can begin to use the new roadway configuration.

The City will need to have temporary protective barriers in place until BNSF extends the railroad crossing arm across the widened northbound lanes of Kelsey Street. Hopefully, this will not be a long term setup.

The construction plans include installing curbing along Kelsey Street's yellow centerline between Blueberry Lane and US2 (except within the railroad zone). This will prevent left turns out of or into the nearby driveways of Denny's and Rite Aid. Right turns are allowed. The City will install temporary barriers until the contractor can procure the permanent curbing and have them installed.

Project Timeline  
Council Discussion December 6, 2016
Open House Event January 12, 2017
Council Discussion January 24, 2017
Authorize Project January 16, 2018
Award Design Contract April 10, 2018
Complete Design December 31, 2018
Obtain UTC Approval May 2019
Advertise for Contractor Bids June 2019
Begin Construction September 2019
End Construction October 2019
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Detour Route Phase 1
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