Driver's License Fraud

False Driver’s License Information

The Department of Licensing suggests you immediately contact your local law enforcement to report your identity theft. They will assign you a case number that can be referred to as you clear your identity.

  1. If it is determined that someone has committed fraud on someone else’s record by receiving an ID, permit or license, etc. the Department can put a comment on your driver record stating "Refer to fraud file," that remains on the record for three years. When someone goes into an examining station to renew the license or identification card, the examiner will see this comment and call the Department’s Fraud desk to verify the identity of the individual.
  2. If someone is giving your name to the authorities when they are pulled over, causing tickets to go to your driving record, we can put a comment on your record stating "Check ID: unknown person uses this record when cited." This comment is placed on the record when we don’t know who is giving out false information. For example: if we are able to identify the fraudulent person we will put in a comment on the record stating "Check ID: uses Doe**J*123Z1 record when cited". On the victim’s record DOL will put a comment "Check ID FRAUDG*123Z1 uses this record when cited." reflecting the fraudulent person’s ID.
  3. Please contact the Department of Licensing at 360-902-3900 (note this is a long distance call to Olympia from Monroe) to have the comment placed on your driving record if you have been the victim of identity fraud.

Department of Licensing (DOL) 

For identity theft information, access the Department of Licensing website. (Note: you can bypass the following steps by going directly to Department of Licensing Victim Information.)

According to Washington DOL customer service representative, you may also contact the Fraud Unit via email. A reply could take up to 48 hours. The phone number for DOL in Olympia is 360- 902-3900. Plan on being on hold for 5 to 10 minutes. According to customer service, the Fraud Unit does not accept incoming calls. They will call you if you request a return phone call.