Water System Flushing Schedule

Drinking Water Main Flushing

The City of Monroe is committed to providing the very best drinking water possible. Each year the city conducts a thorough water main flushing program. The program is designed to scour water mains of sediment and mineral build up throughout the distribution system, as well as verify proper operation of the valves and hydrants within the Monroe water system.

As a result of this flushing program, you may experience some of the following short-term minimal inconveniences:

  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Air in the lines
  • Cloudy water or turbidity
neighborhood flushing map.jpg

To stop these disturbances you may be required to run your water for a few minutes in order to clear your lines. If this procedure fails, and you continue to experience the listed disturbances, please feel free to contact Public Works Dept. Operations & Maintenance staff at 360-863-4546 for assistance.

Main Flushing Schedule

The flushing program begins in December of each year and will typically be completed in April of the following year. View the   Neighborhood Map showing which month City staff may be flushing waterlines in your area for more detailed information.