Citizen's Academy

About the Academy

The Citizen’s Academy is an eleven-week course designed to provide community members with first–hand information about how their police department works in an academy setting.

Academy participation requires a commitment of one night a week for the eleven-week period, plus two Saturday sessions. Classes are held on designated weekday evenings for approximately three-hours. The Citizen's Academy usually begins in the Fall of each year.

The instructors are officers and personnel from the Monroe Police Department who teach their own areas of expertise. Each instructor has years of training and street experience in the subject taught.

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Our intent is to acquaint citizens with the role of law enforcement within the criminal justice system, and to increase understanding of the tasks police officers face in their daily work. With better understanding it becomes easier for police and citizens to find realistic solutions to neighborhood challenges.

The sessions include demonstrations by the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, and K-9 teams. Classes include information on identity theft, internet safety, domestic violence, child abuse, use of force, major crimes and investigations, narcotics, and many others. Also included is a tour of our local State prison facilities, driving a police car in an Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC), and the opportunity to “fire” simulated police rounds in a mock training scenario.

In addition, attendees are invited to ride with an officer for one shift to experience first-hand what officers see, hear, and do as a first responder. This also provides insight as to what officers are trained to do under a variety of emergency situations. Throughout the academy, participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss topics with department personnel. The Police Department begins to accept applications for the Citizen's Academy in the Summer of each year.