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Park Master Plans Update

The City of Monroe has created two long‐range master plans for Lake Tye Park and the Cadman Site. The plans are based on an extensive public involvement process, and will help define the future of these parks.

On February 6, 2018, the Monroe City Council approved the master plans and directed the Mayor and staff to docket the plans into the formal adoption process into the Monroe comprehensive plan for the 2019 cycle. 

These plans, if developed in their entirety, could cost upwards of $52 million dollars.  During 2019, the various individual elements of these plans will be prioritized into the Monroe Comprehensive Plan to be developed over a twenty (20) year period.  Costs for a specific fiscal year would be scaled down accordingly and addressed as part of that year’s budget process.  In addition, as the individual elements are prioritized and costs are more readily available, staff will pursue various granting options to assist with the resources needed for implementation.  We would like to thank the community for their active participation in this process!

Updated Master Plans project information:

Project Timeline

Community Survey Results - DRAFT

Pop-Up Studio Display Boards

Pop-Up Studio Event Photos

Preliminary Plan Features and Programming Concepts

Vision & Ideas – Cadman Site and Lake Tye

Concept Alternatives – Cadman Site and Lake Tye

Pop-Up Comment Summary & Plans - DRAFT

Preliminary Concepts Presentation to City Council & Park Board - September 26

Preliminary Concepts Presentation to City Council & Park Board - October 24

Parks Master Plans Executive Summary February 2018

Cadman Site master plan1.jpg
Lake Tye master plan1.jpg