Branding Monroe

The City is developing a new brand and logo to represent our unique strengths, assets, and vision statement – Imagine Monroe. This brand will create  a stronger, viable, and relatable image with a unified message.

What is BrandingThe Adventure Starts Here

Branding is more than just a logo; it touches every aspect of the City’s visual representation and how the City describes itself. The City’s current brand, including its logo and slogan “The Adventure Starts Here” was adopted in 2007 following a brandingMonroe Logo effort focused on Monroe as an adventure sports destination. But this logo and tag line do not resonate with residents and doesn’t represent the city’s new vision statement, Imagine Monroe, and all that Monroe is today.

Community identity and pride are important aspects of the Monroe community. Our updated brand should be reflective of the core values and key themes identified in Imagine Monroe, as well as other strengths and assets identified through community input and engagement. Our brand should be a point of pride for our residents, our businesses, and resonate with visitors.

The City has hired JayRay, a Branding/Advertising/Strategic Communications firm from Tacoma, Washington to assist in our branding efforts. JayRay was launched in 1970 and has done extensive branding and destination-based marketing work within Washington and throughout the country.  

Share Your ThoughtsMonroe survey QR code - frame 1

JayRay has visited Monroe to experience all we have to offer and then reviewed and incorporated community input on Imagine Monroe to develop a branding survey, which was released on December 16, 2022.  

If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to complete the 10 minute survey by clicking this link or scanning the QR Code to the right. The survey is your chance to provide valuable feedback to the City’s branding effort and have your voice added to the community feedback received on Imagine Monroe.

Next Steps/Milestones

Feedback from the survey will be incorporated with the community outreach received during the Imagine Monroe process. In addition, JayRay will conduct two focus groups, one in Spanish and one virtually in English, both made up of community residents, and conduct ten focused business interviews to assess and refine the survey results. Other milestones include:

First Quarter 2023

  • Analyze survey and other data to draft the brand “3Ps” (position, promise, personality)
  • Conduct Brand Ambassador workshop
  • Refine the 3Ps. City of Monroe 3 Ps Presentation

Second Quarter 2023

  • Develop and design logo/various visuals for City’s branding team and Brand Ambassadors
  • Refine logo/visuals and develop brand guidelines
  • Design brand assets for website, social and marking collateral

Third Quarter 2023

  • Brand launch 

How to Stay Informed

As the City moves through the branding process, updates will be posted on the City’s Facebook page, its Instagram page, as well as shared in the Mayor’s newsletter Monroe This Week. You can also check back on this page periodically for milestone updates.

For further information, email Becky Hasart, Finance Director, or email Katie Darrow, Events and Tourism Coordinator.