Community Human Services Needs Assessment

In May 2021, the City of Monroe with the Community Human Services Advisory Board (CHSAB) commissioned a study to conduct a Community Needs Assessment and Facilitated Program Development. The role of the City in this study is to function as a convener, not a funder or provider of human services.

• The study identified human service needs and resources for residents in Sky Valley, defined as the area east of the City of Everett to the Cascade Mountains, within Snohomish County. This study is needed as explosive growth occurs in the Sky Valley due to gentrification from the Everett-Kirkland-Redmond areas and demand for services increases.

• This study maps current assets for human services in the Sky Valley with detail by 3 distinct regions, assesses deficits in the current Continuum and recommends immediate and long-term resolution. Lack of Health Insurance was determined to be a key indicator and a barrier to healthcare access contributing to poor health status and reduced quality of life. While impacting 6.2% of Sky Valley, this indicator negatively impacts the entire Sky Valley with issues arising in productivity, increased mental health and substance use issues.

• The study provides data to set priorities for human services for the 2022 Budget. The study started in June with completion in September of 2021, occurring in five phases.