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Tester Road Watermain Project


Project Description

The City will be replacing an aging water main under Tester Road this year. The project will begin at the main entrance to the Monroe High School, then head south along Tester Road. The project also includes placing a new water main under SR522, which will be accomplished utilizing boring or directional drilling technology.

  Aerial VicMap.PNG
Jan - Apr 2017 Design Process
May 2017 Advertise for Construction
June 2017 Contract Award to Construction Contractor
June 2017 Construction Begins
October 2017 Construction Completion
Project is under design development.
Project Updates
For more information contact:
Jim Gardner, PE  

Project Updates
5/1/17 - The project plans and specifications are nearing completion. Engineering staff continue to coordinate the project with WSDOT and Snohomish County, as this proposed water utility project extends through both of these agencies' jurisdictions.

2/3/17 - Engineering staff are actively working on the design and coordinating with WSDOT and Snohomish County. A topographic survey was recently completed for this project, and now data collection is focused on obtaining soil samplings by a geotechnical engineer.