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The City actively pursues other sources of project funding through grants. Grants sources include State and Federal resources which help fund the cost of maintaining and improving the City of Monroe's infrastructure. The following is a summary of grant activity that Public Works staff are involved in. 

Grant List

Grants Received:                                      Grant Amount          Description

Main St. Gateway Entrance



Design intersection as a Gateway Entrance
(Puget Sound Regional Council)

Tjerne Place Extension



Extend Tjerne Place to Woods Creek Road
(Transp. Improvement Board)

W Main Street Sidewalk




Install sidewalk south side of Main from 
roundabout to 17510 Main St.
(Transp. Improvement Board) 

Woods Creek Rd Phase I


Connect Country Crescent trail to shopping centers
(Puget Sound Regional Council)

Pedestrian RR Crossings




Add sidewalks across railroad tracks at 179th and Fryelands
(Comm. Dev. Block Grant)

Chain Lake Rd Asphalt Overlay


Asphalt overlay from roundabout to Rainier View Rd.
(Transp. Improvement Board)

Fryelands Blvd Asphalt Overlay


Asphalt overlay southbound lanes from 154th to 152nd
(Transp. Improvement Board)


179th Ave SE Sidewalks
 $372,251 Add sidewalk along west side of a portion of 179th Avenue SE

Current Grant Applications

Oaks Street Improvements Design: The City sought a federal grant through Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to fund design efforts toward improving Oaks Street. This application was not successful. The City has since applied for a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grant for full project funding.

Requested Grant: $389,250 (CMAQ/STP) Not Awarded
Requested Grant: $4,462,500 (TIB UAP) Not Awarded

Chain Lake Road Phase 2a: This project would extend the existing wide sidewalk along the west side of Chain Lake Road north to Brown Road (City Limits). The City has applied for a federal grant (PSRC) to fund the construction phase, as the design phase has already received funding. We have also applied for a state grant through the Pedestrian Bike Program as an additional funding source.

Requested Grant: $2,432,867 (CMAQ/STP) - $1,515,692 Recommended for Award
Requested Grant
: $234,723 (WSDOT Ped/Bike) - Not awarded

US-2 Shared Use Path: Both federal and state grants have been applied for to fund the design phase of a new sidewalk segment along Highway 2, specifically along the north side between Cascade View Drive and 179th Avenue NE (fairgrounds area). 

Requested Grant: $90,250 (CMAQ/STP) - Recommended for award
Requested Grant: $107,190 (WSDOT Ped/Bike) - Not Awarded

191st Street SE Extension: The City applied for a federal design grant to design an extension of this road south into downtown Monroe, including whether to connect to Galaxy Way or head southeasterly and connect to the roundabout at N. Kelsey/Chain Lake Rd.

Requested Grant: $687,165 (CMAQ/STP) - Not Awarded

154th Street, 182nd Ave & W Columbia Sidewalks: This project infills missing sidewalk segments between 179th Avenue SE and Dickinson Road along a walking path that follows W. Columbia to 182nd Avenue SE to 154th Street SE. A grant was applied for in May to provide for design, right-of-way acquisition, and construction costs.

Requested Grant: $909,090 (WSDOT Safe Routes to School) - Not Awarded

2017 Street Preservation Program: Washington State typically offers annual funding opportunities to preserve/maintain the existing major roadways. This source of funding is called the Arterial Preservation Program (APP) and is offered through the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB). Engineering staff have requested a grant to help fund grind-and-overlay treatment of portions of Fryelands Boulevard, Chain Lake Road, and Main Street.

Requested Grant: $750,000 (TIB APP) - $417,000 Awarded by TIB

Madison Street Stormwater Grant: A grant was applied for with the Department of Ecology to separate the stormwater collection system from the sanitary sewer system. The project would include Madison Street north of Main Street.

Requested Grant: $1,287,792 (DOE) Not Awarded