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Wiggly Field Off-Leash Dog Park


  1. Benches
  2. Garbage Cans
  3. Parking Lot
  4. Welcome / Rule Signs

Wiggly Field is Monroe’s very own dog park that was created and built by volunteers in partnership with the City of Monroe.  The dog park is approximately 2.5 acres and boasts dog agility equipment, shade trees and a small covered shelter for dogs and their owners to cool off.  The fake fire hydrant feature adds whimsy to this park dedicated for dogs.  The park is fenced along the north side by an 8 foot high chain link fence with the remaining sides fenced with a 4-foot split rail fence with wire mesh added during the summer months to deter small dogs from wandering out of bounds.  The lower fence and style was specifically called out due to annual flooding of the Skykomish River during winter months.  The design keeps costs down and minimizes fence damage due to flooding events.