What is the Municipal Campus Master Plan?

In 2008, the City Council adopted the Municipal Campus Master Plan which identified the need to make physical improvements to city facilities and functional improvements to city services at the campus. The Master Plan aims to improve public access to city services, reduce the environmental impact of the campus, upgrade security for staff, eliminate access barriers for emergency response vehicles and equipment and acquire building space for Public Works and Parks & Recreation staff to better serve the community. 

The Master Plan calls for three phases of improvements:

  • Phase I: Public Works/Parks Operations Building, Emergency Operations Center and associated facilities – Completed
  • Phase II: City Hall and Municipal Court (Administrative Wing) – In progress
  • Phase III: Police Department (Justice Wing) – Future

A 2019 cost analysis determined a remodel and expansion of the campus was less expensive than building a new campus.  

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1. Why are City Hall and Municipal Court being remodeled?
2. Are property taxes increasing to pay for the remodel?
3. What is the cost of the Municipal Campus Improvement Project and how is it funded?
4. What improvements are planned for the Municipal Campus?
5. What is the Municipal Campus Master Plan?
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9. Who is the contractor for the City Hall and Municipal Court remodel?
10. When and where will City Hall be temporarily relocated?
11. When and where will the Municipal Court be temporarily located?
12. How long will construction take to complete the remodel of City Hall and Municipal Court?
13. What transit service is available to access the temporary City Hall?
14. What transit service is available to access the temporary Municipal Court?
15. Is the Monroe Police Department moving?
16. Is the Parks and Recreation Department moving?
17. Is the Public Works Department moving?
18. How can I pay my utility bill?
19. How can I get a land use, engineering, building, fire or other permit?
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