What's this about better access to local elected officials?

In the City of Monroe, there are eight elected officials, including the Mayor and seven council members, for 19,250 residents. This means there is an elected official for approximately every 2,400 residents in Monroe. In contrast, there are five County councilmembers for 818,700 County residents. That means there are 163,740 people vying for each County Councilmembers attention. Source: Washington State Office of Financial Management: April 1, 2019 Annual Population Projections.

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1. Does denial of an annexation affect whether or not a development can continue?
2. What about zip codes? Will they change?
3. What about schools?
4. What about homeowners insurance?
5. What about auto insurance?
6. What about voting? Can I still vote for County Commissioners?
7. What's this about better access to local elected officials?
8. Can I help guide local decisions?
9. My well water is great and I have a fairly new septic system. Am I required to hook up to city water and sewer?
10. What about my livestock?
11. Can I burn my tree limbs and yard debris if I am annexed?
12. Will the City pay the electric bill for the street lights in my neighborhood?
13. How would police services be different?
14. How would fire services be different?
15. How do I get additional information?