Tjerne Place Phase III Street Improvements

Project Description

Tjerne Place Phase III (a.k.a. Oaks Street) is located between Woods Creek Road and Old Owen Road, behind the Monroe Plaza where Albertson’s used to be. This private road sees increasing traffic as drivers look to other routes to avoid traffic on US2. The City is interested in converting the road to public right-of-way, as well as long-term making improvements to become similar to other segments of Tjerne Place SE, including a signalized intersection where Oaks Street connects to Old Owen Road.

  1. Jammi Guion

    Construction Documentation Supervisor

  2. Scott Peterson

    City Engineer

Project Activity

The City is actively talking with the owners of the access road, with the goal of converting this existing easement into a public right-of-way. Real property acquisition is a complex undertaking, and the City has contracted with a specialized real estate services company (Contract Land Services) to help with this effort.

Project Location

Oaks Street

Image source: Google Maps