Utility Billing

DOXO.com bill paying service NOT affiliated with the City of Monroe         


It has come to our attention that when doing an internet search to pay your City of Monroe utility bill, one of the first results listed is a company called DOXO.  Be advised that DOXO is not affiliated with the City of Monroe.  It appears that when DOXO takes your payment, they then mail a check to the City.  This causes a delay between when you pay and when you are credited for the payment.   Depending on the delay, this may cause you to incur late fees and/or possibly have your water shut off.  


The City recognizes that you have a number of options on how you can pay your utility bill.  If you choose to pay a fee based service such as DOXO, be advised that you will need to allow enough time for mailing purposes, similar to if you use your bank’s bill paying service. 


If you would like to make your payment by credit card online, our web site address is www.monroewa.gov/pay.  This site is the City’s official on-line payment portal and the service is free.   Be sure to double check the web address of any payment site you use for the correct address before entering your credit card number.  If you prefer, you can also pay by phone without a fee by calling city hall directly at 360-794-7400.  

Monroe Woodlands Annexation 

Dear Monroe Woodlands Annexation Area Resident,

 In 2022, the surface water utility charge appeared on your property tax bill. Snohomish County provided surface water services until December 31, 2022.  Surface water service and billing will be provided by the City of Monroe starting January 2023. Your first utility statement to include surface water charges will arrive in February 2023, covering charges for January 2023. The 2023 property tax bill received from Snohomish County will not have surface water management fees.

See the full letter here:
Monroe Woodlands Welcome Letter

Do you need help paying your utility bill? The following organizations may be able to help:

  • Salvation Army 425-259-8129fall colors
  • Sky Valley Food Bank 360-794-7959
  • St. Vincent DePaul 425-355-3504
  • Take the Next Step 360-794-1022
  • Volunteers of America 360-793-2400
  • Cascade Community Church: 206-486-2681
  • Volunteers of America: 360-793-2400
  • New Hope Fellowship: 360-618-2310
  • Snohomish County Low Income Water Assistance Program: Hours for client interviews are Monday thru Thursday from 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. & 1 to 3:30 P.M at 425-388-3880. Or apply online: Energy Assistance | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website (snohomishcountywa.gov)

Additional Resources 


¿Necesita ayuda para pagar su factura de servicios públicos? Las siguientes organizaciones pueden ayudar:

  • Salvation Army 425-259-8129
  • Sky Valley Food Bank 360-794-7959
  • Take the Next Step 360-794-1022
  • St. Vincent DePaul 425-355-3504
  • Volunteers of America 360-793-2400

El servicio de pago de facturas DOXO.com NO está asociado con la ciudad de Monroe 


Hemos observado que cuando se hace una búsqueda en internet para pagar la factura de servicios públicos de la ciudad de Monroe, uno de los primeros resultados es la empresa DOXO.  Tenga en cuenta que DOXO no está asociado con la ciudad de Monroe.  Por lo visto, cuando DOXO recibe su pago, le envía un cheque a la ciudad.  Esto causa un retraso entre el momento de su pago y la acreditación del mismo.  Dependiendo de este retraso, es posible que se le apliquen cargos por demora o que le corten el agua.  


La ciudad reconoce que usted tiene varias opciones para pagar sus facturas de servicios públicos.   Si elige un servicio con cargos como DOXO, considere que deberá tener tiempo suficiente para enviarlo, como si usara el servicio de pago de facturas de su banco.  


Si quiere hacer su pago con tarjeta de crédito en línea, nuestro sitio web es www.monroewa.gov/pay.  El sitio web es el portal oficial de pago en línea de la ciudad y el servicio es gratuito.   Asegúrese de revisar bien que la dirección web de cualquier sitio de pago que utilice sea la correcta antes de ingresar su número de tarjeta de crédito.  Si prefiere, también puede pagar por teléfono sin cargo llamando al ayuntamiento directamente al 360-794-7400.  

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Residential Monthly Water Utility Base Rate (Per 3/4 " Meter), up to 400 cubic feet (CF): 

In City $27.25 / Outside City $40.88  

Water Consumption Charge for Each 100 CF over 400: In City $7.76 / Outside City $11.64                     

Residential Monthly Sewer Utility Flat Rates

In City $92.15 / Outside City $138.23

Residential Monthly Storm Water Utility Flat Rate

In City only: $19.22  

Rate Schedule (PDF)

Miscellaneous Rates

Late Fee: 10%, $5 minimum

Return Check Fee: $30.00

Water Shut-Off Processing Fee: $75.00

Set-up Admin. Fee (One-time): $15.00

Utility Tax DisclosureGarbage service is mandatory within City Limits and is provided by Republic Services. You can contact them at 1-800-942-5965. 

Check out the 2022 Utility Rate Comparison (PDF) if you are curious how the City of Monroe’s water and sewer rates compare.