Utility Billing

City of Monroe Water Utility COVID-19 Response

The City of Monroe highly values the safety and health of our residents, businesses, customers, and staff.  As a provider of essential utility services, the City is working to assist our customers as coronavirus impacts the region.



With the expiration of the Governor’s moratorium on utility late fees and shutoffs, the City Council has taken steps to help those customers that may need additional time to bring their accounts current to avoid shut off of their services.   


The City took the following steps to help customers who are behind on their bills:

  • Allow payment arrangements which can go through December 2022;
  • Suspend late fees for those amounts incurred prior to October 31, 2021 that are subject to a payment arrangement made by November 30, 2021.  In order to continue to have the late fees waived, the customer must stay current on the agreed upon payment arrangement; and
  • Suspend shut offs for nonpayment of utility bills until the January 2022 cycle.

If you are behind on your bill, contact the City as soon as possible at 360-794-7400.  A list of partners that may be able to help you with your bill can be found on the city’s website at monroewa.gov/utilities.

Do you need help paying your utility bill? The following organizations may be able to help:

  • Salvation Army 425-259-8129fall colors
  • Sky Valley Food Bank 360-794-7959
  • St. Vincent DePaul 425-355-3505
  • Take the Next Step 360-794-1022
  • Volunteers of America 360-793-2400
  • Attention: If you are a renter having difficulty paying your utility bill AND you pay your bill directly to the City of Monroe, then you may be eligible for assistance with past due balances. Please call Workforce Snohomish at (425) 300-6006, or email them at Utilities@workforcesnohomish.org. More information and the program application may be found at the following link: Utility Assistance Program | Workforce Snohomish.

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Respuesta del servicio de agua y utilidades de la Ciudad de
Monroe a COVID-19

La ciudad de Monroe valora altamente la seguridad y salud de nuestros residentes, negocios, clientes y el personal.  Como proveedor de servicios esenciales, la ciudad está trabajando para asistir a nuestros clientes a medida que el coronavirus impacta nuestra región.



Con la expiración de la moratoria del gobernador sobre los cargos por retraso y cortes de servicios públicos, el Ayuntamiento tomó medidas para ayudar a los clientes que puedan necesitar tiempo adicional para poner sus cuentas al día para evitar el corte de sus servicios.  


La ciudad tomó las siguientes medidas para ayudar a los clientes que están atrasados en el pago de sus cuentas:


  • Permitir acuerdos de pago que pueden llegar hasta diciembre de 2022;
  • Suspender los cargos por retraso para aquellas cantidades incurridas antes del 31 de octubre de 2021 que estén sujetas a un acuerdo de pago hecho antes del 30 de noviembre de 2021. Para continuar con la exención de los cargos por retraso, el cliente debe mantenerse al día con el acuerdo de pago acordado; y
  • Suspender los cortes por falta de pago de las facturas de servicios públicos hasta el ciclo de enero de 2022.

Si está atrasado en el pago de su factura, comuníquese con la ciudad lo antes posible al 360-794-7400. En el sitio web de la ciudad, monroewa.gov/utilities, encontrará una lista de socios que pueden ayudarlo con su factura.

¿Necesita ayuda para pagar su factura de servicios públicos? Las siguientes organizaciones pueden ayudar:

  • Salvation Army 425-259-8129
  • Sky Valley Food Bank 360-794-7959
  • Take the Next Step 360-794-1022
  • St. Vincent DePaul 425-355-3505
  • Volunteers of America 360-793-2400

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Residential Monthly Water Utility Base Rate (Per 3/4 " Meter), up to 400 cubic feet (CF): 

In City $25.69 / Outside City $38.53  

Water Consumption Charge for Each 100 CF over 400: In City $7.31 / Outside City $10.96                     

Residential Monthly Sewer Utility Flat Rates

In City $92.15 / Outside City $138.23

Residential Monthly Storm Water Utility Flat Rate

In City only: $15.53    

Rate Schedule (PDF)

Miscellaneous Rates

Return Check Fee: $30.00

Water Shut-Off Processing Fee: $75.00

Set-up Admin. Fee (One-time): $15.00

Utility Tax DisclosureGarbage service is mandatory within City Limits and is provided by Republic Services. You can contact them at 1-800-942-5965. 

Check out the 2018 Utility Rate Comparison (PDF) if you are curious how the City of Monroe’s water and sewer rates compare.

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