2020 Road Maintenance

Project Description

The City has established a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to help maintain existing streets. Maintenance efforts include practices such as overlaying with new asphalt, adding new aggregate to the road surface (chip sealing), replacing lost binder oils on the surface (fog seal), and filling in cracks with elastomeric material (crack sealing).

The City has a program that determines best use of TBD funds to maximize maintenance efforts toward our citywide street system. In years past the City has partnered with Snohomish County’s Countywide Overlay Program. This program has become larger than intended and Snohomish County has requested Monroe and other cities not to participate for the next few years. As a result, City of Monroe engineering staff are making adjustments and will be performing the design and administering the construction contract this summer.

Existing sidewalk ramps adjacent to the project areas will be reviewed and reconstructed as necessary to be compliant with current ADA standards.

The following streets are targeted for asphalt overlays in 2020. We anticipate approximately $1,600,000 in preservation work, which will be paid through the TBD.

For more information, please contact the project manager:
Kim Klinkers, PE
(360) 863-4531

Project Update

The plans and specifications are complete and the contract is now being advertising for contractor bids. The bid period will close on April 30th, after which the City will review all responding contractors and select the lowest qualified bid.


Street List

Street Name From  To
Village Way West End East End
Cascade View Drive US 2 City Limits
177th Ave SE Main Street City Limits
Beaton Rd / 147th St SE 169th Drive SE Tye Street
Tye Street 169th Drive SE Beaton Rd / 147th St SE
172nd Drive SE Beaton Rd South End

The map below gives an approximate location of where the street preservation will occur, which is represented by red lines.

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