Smith St.& Park St. Utilities Upgrade Project

Project Description

The aging water main will be replaced in Smith Street and a portion of Park Street. Additionally, the sewer main in Smith Street will be upgraded to increase functionality. The project design documents will be prepared in 2017, with actual construction occurring the following year in 2018.

Aerial VicMap.PNG


2017 Design Process
Jan. 2018 Advertise for Construction
Feb 2018 Contract Award to Construction Contractor
March 2018 Construction Begins
July 2018 Construction Completion


Project is under design development.

Project Updates

For more information contact:
Jim Gardner, PE

Project Updates

8/2/17 - Engineering staff are working on the design. This phase of the project will continue through the remainder of 2017.

5/1/17 - The topographic survey has been completed and engineering staff are reviewing the map for site information and constraints. The design process will be ongoing throughout the remainder of 2017.

2/3/17 - A topographic survey is underway for this project. This data will provide the background information necessary to begin the utility designs.