Chain Lake Road Shared Path Extension

Project Description

The City of Monroe received a federal grant through Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to design and purchase additional right-of-way for extending the shared sidewalk/path north along Chain Lake Road and end at Brown Road. The sidewalk would match to the existing sidewalk in the vicinity of Rainier View Road. Complete funding for construction will need to be secured before the city programs the project's final phase.

Aerial VicMap.PNG


2017 - 2018 Design Process
2018 Right-of Way Acquisition
2019 Design/Right-of-Way Complete
no timeline Construction Begins
no timeline Construction Completion


City will be advertising for consultant design services.

Project Updates

For more information contact:
Jim Gardner, PE

Project Updates

9/8/17 - Engineering staff are working with WSDOT to clear the project for advertisement to seek the services of a design consultant.

8/2/17 - Engineering staff submitted documents to WSDOT to request obligation (release) of design funds. Once obligation has been obtained, the City will seek the services of an engineering consultant to begin the design of this sidewalk extension.

5/1/17 - The project is funded by a federal grant, which is administered by WSDOT. The City will seek the services of a design consultant once WSDOT authorizes us to begin project expending.

2/3/17 - We will advertise for a design consultant in the spring this year.