The City of Monroe is currently seeking applicants
to fill the following City Board and Commission open positions:

1 - Civil Services Commissioner (Term ending September 2020)
4 – Ethics Boardmembers (Terms ending December 2019, 2020, & 2021)
1 – Park Boardmembers (Term ending December 2022)

1 – Salary Commissioner (Term ending December 2021)


Civil Services Commission - assures that police officers are recruited through open competition, are hired and promoted on the basis of merit, and are demoted, suspended, or discharged for cause; it oversees civil service examinations and certifies eligibility lists.

Ethics Board - investigates, conducts hearings, and renders advisory opinions concerning accusations against city officials of violations of ethics or conflicts of interest; also reviews and recommends periodic updates to the city's ethics Policy and its applicability.

Park Board - advises the City Council on the management, supervision, improvement, and budgeting for parks and recreation facilities and programs; also reviews the Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan, assists with new park sites, and advises the City Council on capital projects in city parks.

Salary Commission – reviews and establishes the salaries of the mayor and the councilpersons and shall exercise the powers and perform the duties set forth by RCW 35.21.015. See Monroe Municipal Code 2.24.060; and City of Monroe Ordinance No. 001/2015 for additional information.

The City of Monroe Civil Service Commission, Ethics Board, and Salary Commission members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. 


For additional information regarding board/commission qualifications, duties, and meeting times, please contact the City Clerk’s Office: Email ; 360-863-4538.