City Projects

Gateway/Wayfinding Signs

The City of Monroe is working to update the city's gateway and wayfinding signs. In September 2019, a Request for Proposals was published in which seven proposals were submitted.

The City of Monroe selected to work with design consultants, Tangram Design, preview their request for proposal here.

Tangram’s team will be working to create gateway signs that will greet visitors and residents at main entrances into the city with a sign design that reflects the city’s identity and makes a good first impression. They will also develop a vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding sign program that will help people navigate through the community and promote economic development by highlighting key destinations and attractions.

Monroe Gateway Sign

View Tangram Design's kick off presentation here.

The following survey is designed to provide you the opportunity to express your opinions, thoughts, and/or expectations for the new gateway and wayfinding signage program. We appreciate your time and participation in taking this survey.


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