Ethics Board


The Ethics Board meets on an as-needed basis.
Meetings are held in hybrid format: in-person in Council Chambers at City Hall, 806 W. Main Street and virtually via Zoom meeting platform.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available upon adoption.
For Agendas and Minutes since January 1, 2021, please visit the City's new Agenda Center.
For Agendas and Minutes prior to January 1, 2021, please visit the Agendas & Minutes Archive.


The Board of Ethics of the City of Monroe is established by City Council ordinance and codified as Chapter 2.52, Code of Ethics in the Monroe Municipal Code (MMC).

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is stated in MMC 2.52.010:

The city of Monroe hereby adopts the code of ethics for municipal officers codified at Chapter 42.23 RCW, inclusive of any future amendments thereof. It is the city’s specific intent that the ethical standards set forth at Chapter 42.23 RCW shall govern the conduct of municipal officers within the City of Monroe. Except as expressly provided in this chapter, the city disclaims any intent to impose substantive standards of conduct that are more stringent than or otherwise different from those set forth in Chapter 42.23 RCW with respect to the subject matter of said chapter. (Ord. 019/2013 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 003/2010 § 1 (Exh. A))

The purpose of this board is to issue advisory opinions on the provisions of this code of ethics and to investigate and report to the city council on any alleged violations of the code of ethics, all as set forth below. (MMC 2.52.040) The Board of Ethics may also render written opinions concerning the applicability of the Code of Ethics to hypothetical circumstances or situations upon the request of the mayor or any council member. Requests for opinions from the public must be approved by either the mayor or a majority vote of council. (MMC 2.52.050)


The Ethics Board consists of 5 members. None of these may be a public official, city employee or immediate family of either. The members must also  be citizens of the United States and residents of the city they serve in for at least one year before their appointment to the ethics board. A majority of the ethics board shall constitute a quorum. The board shall meet as frequently as it deems necessary, or at the request of the mayor or a quorum of city council. The board shall adopt procedures governing the conduct of its meetings, hearings, and the issuance of opinions.


The regular term of office for members of the ethics board shall be three years. Regular terms shall commence January 1st and end December 31st. Initial terms shall be staggered. After expiration of the initial terms, subsequent appointees shall serve a regular three-year term.  

These are the members of the current Ethics Board.
Position No. Board Member Term Expires
Position 1 VACANT December 31, 2024
Position 2 VACANT December 31, 2025
Position 3 VACANT December 31, 2025
Position 4 VACANT December 31, 2023
Position 5 VACANT December 31, 2023

Board Responsibilities

The main duty of the Ethics Board is to evaluate and handle specific ethical complaints against public officials or city employees. In the event the ethics board is unable to perform any function designated under this section due to lack of a quorum or other reason, such function shall instead be performed by the hearing examiner who shall be governed by the board’s procedures. (Ord. 017/2019 § 7)