Stray Cart Program

Stranded shopping carts can be seen left abandoned near businesses, sidewalks, and throughout Monroe. Missing and stolen carts cost businesses revenue – from the loss of their private property to paying for a retrieval company to find and return carts. To help address this issue, the City is joining with several retailers and encouraging people to report stray carts to the appropriate retailer to retrieve their property. 

Reporting stray carts

If you come upon an abandoned cart, please contact the appropriate retailer who will retrieve the cart. Local retailers’ carts are labeled with the store’s name, typically on the handle or on the side. If you choose to call the City, the City will not pick up carts on private property. However, to help local retailers, it is best if you call them directly.

Participating RetailerPhone
(360) 282-4255  
Fred Meyer 
(360) 805-8100
(360) 794-6834
Grocery Outlet
(360) 794-4519
(360) 365-4060
(360) 794-9292
(360) 365-4033

Misuse of stray carts

It may occur that people experiencing housing and mental health challenges use a shopping cart for storing personal items, protection, or other purposes. If you observe someone in need, please contact the City’s Human Services Coordinator at 360-913-4817.


Program evaluation

The City will regularly coordinate with participating retailers to gauge the effectiveness of this program. Retailers will monitor the number of missing and returned carts, as well as the number of reported carts that are found and retrieved. This information will be shared with the City monthly. 

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