Municipal Campus Improvement Project

The Monroe community has grown in population and city infrastructure, such as roads and essential buildings, and city services need to meet the needs of this growth. In 2008, the Mayor and City Council developed long-range plans to accommodate this growth; once such plan was the Municipal Campus Improvements Master Plan.

The campus includes City Hall, Municipal Court, Police Station and the Public Works/Parks Operations Building. The campus master plan identified projects aimed at improving public access to services, reducing environmental impacts, improving security and emergency response access, and acquiring and improving campus buildings for public works and parks operations.

Campus PhotoCampus improvements have been planned for in the following phases.

  • Phase I: Public Works/Parks Operations Building, Emergency Operations Center and associated facilities – Completed
  • Phase II: City Hall and Municipal Court (Administrative Wing) – In progress
  • Phase III: Police Department (Justice Wing) - Future

Administrative Wing Remodel Begins December 2023: City Hall and Municipal Court temporarily relocate

In 2019, an evaluation of the campus and specific building upgrades concluded remodeling would be less expensive than purchasing land to build a new campus. In March 2023, the City Council authorized the remodel of City Hall and Municipal Court, known as the Administrative Wing, as well as its funding through issuance of general obligation bonds, of which the debt service is to be paid by first quarter real estate excise taxes.

In order to remodel the Administrative Wing, department and court staff needed to relocate. Staff from the Executive Department, City Clerk’s Office, Community Development, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology Departments will move to a temporary City Hall. Municipal Court, Public Works and Parks and Recreation will function from the Public Works/Parks Operations Building. City Council, Planning Commission and city board meetings will be held at various locations. Relocation was complete in August 2023. Remodeling is expected to begin in mid-December and be completed in 18-24 months.


Locations during remodel

  • Temporary Monroe City Hall, 14841 179th Ave SE, Suite 320
  • Temporary Monroe Municipal Court, 769 Village Way
  • Public Works and Parks & Recreation Services, 769 Village Way

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Project Updates

  • 12/1/23: Construction Alert mailed to nearby property owners. Construction is expected to begin mid-December. 
  • 11/14/23: City Council awards contract to Bayley Construction in an amount not to exceed $15,163,387 for the Municipal Campus renovation. Read staff memo
  • 10/11/23: City Council approves contract with Mackenzie, Inc to conduct a Police Station Facility Assessment. Read the News Release
  • 8/14-18/23: Monroe Municipal Court will be closed in preparation of its temporary relocation. Court will reopen Mon. Aug. 21 at 769 Village Way.
  • 8/9/23: Finance Department staff, including Utility Services, is now open at the temporary City Hall.
  • 8/1/23: Staff from the Executive (Mayor, Council) and Administration (City Administrator, Human Services Coordinator) departments have relocated to the temporary City Hall. 
  • 7/31/23: The Community Development Department is now located at the temporary City Hall. 
  • 7/24/23: Site plan review information (SITE2023-02) for the renovation of the Administrative Wing can be found here. Contact Leigh Ann Barr, Associate Planner at 360-863-4511 or via email.
  • 7/12/23: Municipal Campus Improvement Project informational flyer - English, Spanish, Combined - now available. 
  • 7/11/23: Starting July 11, City Council and council committee meetings will be temporarily held at the Monroe School District Administration Building, 14692 179th Ave SE. Go to the Meeting and Agenda webpage for more information.
  • 7/5/23: News Release issued announcing the phased dates of when city departments will be serving the public at the temporary City Hall and when Monroe Municipal Court will begin services at its temporary location. Read the news release. 
  • 6/30/23: In late June, homes within and just outside Monroe city limits were mailed an informational postcard about the model of City Hall and Monroe Municipal Court.
  1. Campus Funding
  2. Administrative Wing
  3. Police Department
  4. Public Works & Parks

Municipal Campus Improvements Project Funding

Phase I: Public Works/Parks Shop and Emergency Operations Center

Phase I of the Municipal Campus project included, among other improvements, construction of the Monroe emergency operations center and Public Works shop facility and was completed in 2018.   This phase was funded by utility revenue bonds and does not rely on general funds (property taxes) for repayment.

Phase II: City Hall/Municipal Court Remodel

The Municipal Campus Improvements Project is funded through the adopted 2023-2024 Budget and the 2023-2029 Capital Facilities Plan, approved by the City Council. Careful and conscientious financial planning has allowed for design and construction costs to be held to within existing revenue sources. 

  • Design costs (~$1.6 million) were included in the 2022 budget and reappropriated in the 2023-2024 budget. 
  • Construction costs (~$17 million) will be funded by issuing Councilmanic Bonds, or “limited tax general obligation bonds” and will be paid by existing Real Estate Excise Taxes (REET) and existing utility revenues.  There is no tax increase associated with the payment of these bonds. 
  • State of Washington (~$1.2 million) Community Project Award for Therapeutic Court.

The use of Councilmanic Bonds was authorized by the City Council by the adoption of Ordinance 003/2023 on March 14, 2023 and commits the city to pay its debt within existing revenues. Revenue sources include the first quarter Real Estate Excise Taxes (REET) and utility revenues over the next 40 years. REET is restricted to capital uses and utility revenue will support a portion of the remodel associated with utility staffing use.

General obligation bonds, limited and unlimited tax general obligation, have been the traditional form of financing for capital projects such as administrative facilities (City Halls, Courts, etc.) owned and operated by government.

 Additionally, the city is seeking funding through the State and Federal Legislature to help offset construction costs for the remodeled Municipal Court.  

Phase III: Police Station Remodel

The City has budgeted $700,000 in the 2023-2024 Biennial Budget to begin the assessment and design of Phase III: Police Station.  By starting the assessment and design of Phase III during construction of Phase II, the City will be prepared to begin identifying funding sources for Phase III construction as Phase II is completed. In October 2023, the City Council approved a contract with Mackenzie, Inc. to conduct a facility assessment that evaluates the operational requirements of the department and recommends way to address facility deficiencies.