St. Vincent de Paul Vehicle Resident Safe Parking Area


The applicant is requesting a temporary encampment permit for the use of a vehicle resident safe parking area.  Four (4) parking spaces at St. Vincent de Paul (17150 W. Main Street) will be used for the program.  One (1) parking space will contain a porta potty which will be locked during the day.  A garbage can will also be provided.  Parents and/or families with their children, who are unhoused and working with the McKinney-Vento advocate or referred by an outside agency such as the Police or Fire Departments, can park their cars at the gated parking lot overnight.  Parking times are 9 p.m. – 7 a.m.  Safe parking area residents are required to go through background checks, sign a SVDP Code of Conduct form, and have current vehicle tabs, registration, and insurance.  Residents will receive wrap around services from local service providers and work with the SVDP Community Resource Center to find permanent housing.  For more detailed information, please refer to the FAQs.  


For questions about the code requirements and/or permit process for temporary encampments, please contact Anita Marrero, Senior Planner at 360-863-4513 or

For questions about how the proposed safe parking area will operate, please contact Dawnelle Carroll, SVDP Community Resource Center-Center Manager at 360-294-8480 or

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