Annual Paving Program

Project Description

The City has established a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to help maintain existing streets. Engineering staff utilize the StreetScan program that helps determine the best use of TBD funds in order to maximize maintenance efforts toward our citywide street system. Maintenance efforts include practices such as overlaying with new asphalt, adding new aggregate to the road surface (chip sealing), replacing lost binder oils on the surface (fog seal), and filling in cracks with elastomeric material (crack sealing). Some street segments are identified for only preservation, while others are paired up with utility reconstruction needs that collectively form a complex project and take a year or two to accomplish. In addition, existing sidewalk ramps adjacent to the project areas are reviewed and reconstructed as necessary to be compliant with current ADA standards.

Use the links below to learn more about the street preservation efforts that have occurred each year.

  • 2021 Annual Paving Project - under construction (July / August)
  • 2020 Annual Paving Project
  • 2019 Annual Paving Project
  • 2018 County Overlay & ADA Program
  • 2017 County Overlay & ADA Program

Contact Us

  1. Jammi Guion

    Contracts Supervisor
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    Phone: 360-863-4514

    Kim Klinkers, PE

    Project Manager
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    Phone: 425-760-7895

    Scott Peterson, PE

    Deputy City Engineer
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Before and After Photos

Village Way - Before

Village Way, paving, overlay, before

Village Way - After

Village Way, paving, overlay, after

Cascade View Drive - Before

Cascade, paving, overlay, before

Cascade View Dr - After

Cascade, paving, overlay, after